Barbell exercises is one of the most rapid body movement, its main role is to build muscle morphology, and enhance muscle strength, durability and bone mineral density. Indicates that the research and survey, a 60 minute barbell aerobics training let men consumed an average of 556 cards, piyo workout reviews the average woman consumes 390 calories.The reporter saw in Beijing a female fitness club, a lady to the 50 year old from around the age of 20, in the coach's demonstration under the guidance of the start, barbell exercises, all full of vigor and vitality, magic, action music and beautiful, is full of temptation. Barbell exercises for women, physical health and mental health are inseparable, but to enjoy in the movement of the sheer joy, is an excellent way of decompression.piyo results pics Barbell exercises combined aerobic and anaerobic exercise equipment advantages, and joined the aerobics movement and rhythm very strong sense of music, can make the fitness training in the high atmosphere, twice the result with half the effort. It can continue on both sides of the spine muscle stimulation, improve the density of human bone.In addition, according to expert test show that, piyo schedule pdf "barbell exercises is the world's fastest effective shaping movement", two times a week, one hour each time, after three months can see the fitness effect. Basic action, buttocks and thigh muscle exercise (four to 1 weight) ready position, to maintain the basic standing posture, breathing and body balance. Stable squat, grabbed the barbell;the barbell upwards along the body, on the shoulder muscles most place;4 abdomen chest, elbows, perpendicular to the ground, shoulder blades back tightening, knees forward, hip recoil, knees can not exceed 5 toes; expiratory reduction. Sport advantage Many gyms have opened this special and the barbell aerobics simple sports curriculum, and aerobics, and it is also the only complete, in the strong music accompaniment, this set of "aerobics" whole process need to be completed on the barbell company.

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